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Founded in 2019, MassPersona is an industrial full-color 3D printing company serving the needs of consumer product companies looking to mass-produce customized 3D color products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chicago, the largest of its kind in the world, and proprietary 3D design software enable our customers to produce unique 3D printed products at volume, backed by the production expertise of our parent company, Custom Color 3D Printing. 

We are a dynamic end-to-end manufacturer able to assist businesses in all aspects of production from 3D design onward. Our areas of expertise include custom collectibles, prototypes, promotional products, retail display products, medical devices, and more.

At MassPersona, we embrace individuality and celebrate uniqueness in all aspects of life. We believe everyone should have the freedom to be themselves, whenever and wherever!

The Mass Persona Team

Kent Mages
Kent Mages

A pioneer in the color 3D printing business and co-founder of MassPersona, Kent has more than 20 years of 3D production experience. He has also worked on application and software development projects with Apple, Microsoft, Intel, and Intuit. Kent's ongoing product development and hardware relationship with Hewlett Packard has ensured HP's commitment for MassPersona to become the leading producer of digitally driven color 3D printing at scale.

Charles Spurgen
Charles Spungen

After a national defense career, Charles spent 20 years as president of PI Bearing Technologies. The company pioneered fully automated machining processes in the US and was a leading producer of tribological solutions for the automotive industries and a key exporter from the Midwest. PI was sold to GGB Bearings in 2011. After eight years of teaching and while still an owner and active board member at Peer Chain Co., in 2019, Charles became a co-founder of MassPersona.

Nykko Lazar
Nykko Lazar
Chief of Creative

Nykko is a 3D designer and award winning VFX artist. Previously, he was lead production designer working with clients such as Nike, Netflix, NFL's Detroit Lions, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Nykko is cosplay aficionado, passionate about art, film, and all things nerdy.

Randall West
Brooklyn DiPietrantonio
Lead Developer

With a passion for where the digital and physical intersect, Brooking has a keen eye on emerging trends and how he can bridge the gap between the two.

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